Words That Strike and Stick

Words That Strike and Stick

Today's episode is packed with copywriting, branding, product marketing, and email marketing superpowers!

Get ready for a copywriting and messaging adventure where bad content experiences are the villains, and our words are the secret agents out to save the day! In this episode, we uncover why consumers feel the need to protect themselves against attacks from selfish content. 

It's a world of creating high-stakes communication, de-coding the consumer's brain and accessing predictive analysis.

You might call today’s guest Wordfinger, The Man with the Golden Pitch or maybe The Guy Who Branded Me, but James I. Bond is here to debrief us on how he helps clients craft words that stick with your audience. It involves a secret code rooted in behavioral science and right-brain tactics.

Finally, we'll dive into the covert world of product descriptions as sleek, sophisticated agents secretly seduce customers into a buying frenzy.

Some may prefer martinis shaken, but this adventure into copywriting, consumers and marketing will leave you stirred with excitement!

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