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The Marketing Superpower Hour is here to help you gain an edge in today's competitive marketing era. Learn how the powers of humanized communication in content marketing can differentiate and elevate your business. Join Scott and AMI (Advanced Marketing Intelligence) for a fun and insightful show featuring conversations, ideas and takeaways.

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Next episode is on April 30
April 17, 202400:00:38760.8 KB

Next episode is on April 30

I was out of town recently and wasn't able to produce a show, but one for April 30 is in the w...

Finding Sales Victories in Voluntary Retreat
April 03, 202453:2948.97 MB

Finding Sales Victories in Voluntary Retreat

Sales and Marketing Keynote Speaker and They Ask You Answer author Marcus Sheridan will discuss...

Uniting Creative Powers to Boost Content Connections

Uniting Creative Powers to Boost Content Connections

Learn how creative powers can be channeled to forge unique connections with diverse audiences, ...

The Certified Marketer Quest
February 28, 202401:02:3357.26 MB

The Certified Marketer Quest

Join us as marketing master Robert Rose tells us what the PCM quest holds for those who wish to...

"One of the best podcasts ever. His explanations of each topic made it so easy for the audience to understand and apply!!! Absolutely outstanding!

James I. Bond
Behavioral Marketing Specialist, Author of Brain Glue

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