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Marketing podcasts can be fun, and marketers can be extraordinary in a world of ordinary content! The Marketing Superpower Hour is here to help you gain an edge in today's competitive marketing era. Learn how humanized communication and consumer insights can elevate your marketing skills into marketing superpowers by learning from the experts and insights featured in every episode.

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Cracking the Codes of Content Voices

Cracking the Codes of Content Voices

What does your content really say to them? What are the risks if they expect content to sound l...

Escaping Marketing Mind Control
January 30, 202458:2253.42 MB

Escaping Marketing Mind Control

Today, we use marketing superpowers to confront the crisis plaguing the marketer's mind - the i...

Turning Book Pages Into Marketing Powers
January 17, 202455:0950.49 MB

Turning Book Pages Into Marketing Powers

In today’s episode, we’ll discover how Stanley Cups used the marketing superpowers...

Rise of the AI Content and Human Communication Alliance
December 12, 202301:02:4357.41 MB

Rise of the AI Content and Human Communication Alliance

The stage is set for a cosmic clash as AI emerges in the content marketing realm.  Th...

"One of the best podcasts ever. His explanations of each topic made it so easy for the audience to understand and apply!!! Absolutely outstanding!

James I. Bond
Behavioral Marketing Specialist, Author of Brain Glue

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