Villainous Email Tones and Counterfeit Copy

Villainous Email Tones and Counterfeit Copy

Nancy HarhutNancy HarhutContributor
Ed ForteauEd ForteauContributor

A great man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." AI gives marketers some great power, but who will abuse that power?

Are you familiar with Milli Vanilli?

If you're not, know they were a mega-famous singing duo that lip-synced their performances. When they were caught, it ruined their careers. Now, you must ensure ChatGPT and other AI programs are not lip-syncing for your business!

Who likes to get lectured? Better yet, who wants to get an email that sounds like an evil dictator is talking to them? Certain styles of email marketing copy can make the consumer feel like you're lecturing them.

And what about follow-up emails? There are some words and phrases email extraordinary marketers should avoid!

Finally, if any industry needs to tap into behavioral science in marketing, it's non-profit charities. But there are lessons to be learned in the for-profit sectors as well.

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