How to Get More Out of Your Best Marketing Books
The Marketing Superpower HourJanuary 17, 202455:0950.49 MB

How to Get More Out of Your Best Marketing Books

Nancy HarhutNancy HarhutContributor
Mark SchaeferMark SchaeferContributor

In today’s episode, we’ll discover how Stanley Cups used the marketing superpowers of behavioral science, community marketing, and consumer-centric social media to elevate to a $750 million company.

Our special guest, Nick Hutchison, author of Rise of the Reader: Strategies For Mastering Your Reading Habits and Applying What You Learn, shares how to master reading habits and apply book knowledge to supercharge your marketing and business. 

Also, find out how a couple of books on internal communication and non-profit fundraising could hold the keys to winning the marketing battles in 2024.

Tune in, buckle up, grab a drink in your favorite cup, and let’s start this year off with a BANG, POW, and KA-BOOM!

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