Rise of the AI Content and Human Communication Alliance
The Marketing Superpower HourDecember 12, 202301:02:4357.41 MB

Rise of the AI Content and Human Communication Alliance

Brian PiperBrian PiperContributor

The stage is set for a cosmic clash as AI emerges in the content marketing realm. 

The question is – is AI the hero or the sidekick in 2024?

We’ll get 16 expert predictions to help us uncover the answers.

Business growth and leadership coach Jevon Wooden guides us through impactful ways to create a company culture that transcends mere leadership strategies. He’ll share how to infuse humanized communication into the DNA of your organization, fostering a culture that resonates with employees, consumers and customers.

Power up your 2024 content marketing and strategic leadership arsenal with the wisdom of Jevon Wooden and the visionary predictions of 2024, plus get Brian Piper's data-focused marketing advice, a marketing challenge for Santa, a Sir-Mix-A-Lot reference, and more in this 2024 podcast finale.

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Jevon's company - BrightMind Consulting Group

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Brian's Website - brianwpiper.com

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